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Our Females

At TNT Bassets we strive to have a great variety of color and personality! We raise strong, sturdy girls. We have your classic look, tricolor, red/white, lemon/white, a little something for everyone. 

Meet Our Hounds: Females


DOB: 05/13/2017 

Dottie is the sweetest basset hound you’ll ever meet! She loves to be in your lap and she’s very loyal. 


Georgia Peach

DOB: 04/21/2018

Georgia LOVES her cuddles and likes lots of attention. She’s a very affectionate girl!



DOB: 01/30/2020

Bertie is one of our young females. She is very sweet, but thinks that she needs to be the boss of everyone. 



DOB: 03/25/2020

Rosie is another one of our young girls. She’s a beautiful red and white girl. She’s happiest when she sitting right on your lap. She loves lots of attention and is extremely cuddly!


Our Males

Meet Our Hounds: Males

Pilgrim Ray

DOB: 11/26/2015

Pilgrim is our oldest male. He’s mahogany with a black saddle. He’s the big man on the farm, weighing in at a whopping 72lbs! He loves all the kids, loves attention and is extremely playful!

Albus (Albi) Dumbledore

DOB: 05/24/2020

Albi is our teen male, he’s red and white. He’s a big teddy bear, and a total snuggle bug. He’s playful, but incredibly gentle at the same time. The biggest sweetie!

Oliver Otello

DOB: 05/18/2021                                                                              We are Proud to introduce Oliver Otello our new addition! He is AKC 100% European. This new guy will be adding lots of wrinkles and sag….. He is absolutely adorable !

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